Crushing upstate brutality with horrific groove

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Ecliptic Vision is death metal from Syracuse, New York. We are a culmination of years of passion and devotion to extreme metal in all forms, fusing technicality, groove, and raw aggression to create our sound. In the past two years we have had the honor and privilege to share the stage with some of our greatest musical inspirations such as Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Dying Fetus, Immolation, Origin, Decrepit Birth, the Cavalera Bros, Carnifex, Thy Art is Murder, Revocation, Destruction, and Havok to name a few. 

Since the origin of Ecliptic Vision, we have thrown ourselves completely at every aspect of our band, from promotion, spreading our sound around central New York, but most importantly our music. To date, we have self released our full length album "Dissimilar Dimensions" and most recently released our new EP "Omphalos of the Void", both of which are available to stream on our website and all music streaming platforms. 

Our focus has always been on the content and quality of the music that we produce, and every opportunity we have to showcase that in front of an audience is what we truly live for as musicians. Of course, any performer "lives to perform", but at the core of our band and music we truly believe that we have something unique to offer the extreme music community which lives and breathes within the sound we create. 

We don't expect you to take our word for this, nothing we can express in a few paragraphs is going to encompass our sound or our passion for our music. We urge you to take the opportunity to listen to our music, the true product of our dedication and focus over our time as a band.